I didn’t come this far only to be this far..

Morning ,lol ,its been a minute surely before i have visited my blog. So today as l was driving to work l just thought okay how far have l come or achieved in this life. Life hasn’t been one sweet songs because it was hard growing up, school, hostel, coping with parents away.

So l remember going to a boarding school in Grade 6 and the things changed.Now i had to stand on my own and fight a life among bullies. Trust me thats when l developed to be hard. The Catholic sisters were pretty rough on us, but it was very different with my previous school, where your money mattered more and you could do anything you want. Let me fast forward this to high school, okay in form 3 first term l was suspended from school, l remember the Deputy Principal telling me ,”this is the end of the road”.Like even my own mother said why don’t you get married to those VaPostori since you don’t like school.

However l passed my O’level and A’Level guess what i became a prefect, l was a games captain, l was the Hostel Vice Head girl. So after achieving this l told myself surely if it wasn’t for God things would have changed. But however l enrolled in college did my honors degree, and currently doing my Masters Degree. Anyway l thank God l am doing well ,l love the person whom l have become and what l want to be.So i am just saying l will never stop dreaming ,l have more that l want to life than what l am doing now.Soon l ll be a mother, lol, granny but anyway life goes on.

Be the best you wanna be.


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