Dealing with break ups πŸ’”πŸ’”

In order to move on, you must understand why you felt what you did and why you no longer need to feel it. That’s the key to healing, understanding yourself.

I remember the Sunday I thought maybe things were going to be okay and work but well it was a dream. I was hurting, I was broken l wanted nobody but just myself. So l equally maned up and faced life, I normally think better when l am alone. I prayed for myself, did our family routine prayer.

Then it’s sleeping time all is mounting on me. I cried l couldn’t sleep, I was hurting but l told God I ll do well and l ll be fine. Luckily that night l slept and guess what

I no longer weep.

I told myself I can’t let my happiness be defined,and it the long run all l want is happiness. Tick tock time moved l fell sick πŸ€’, I thought I was stressed but well it was nature taking through its course.

I forgave myself, l found myself, l oy choose good vibes, l started drinking more wine to awaiting my Mr Right.

Surely if you have been there you ll understand, but first of all love yourself. Like a phoenix I believe we can rise, if you want to cry, cry, but never call that person it kills you more.

LOL I don’t know what l was thinking but l just thought my sister or brother might be in this situation. All I just want to say is love yourself first, don’t rush to be in a relationship due to the fear of loneliness. However be you babe….

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