10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0. Happy New Year!!! lol where am l? in a bar obviously or at church counting. 2019 started on a high note ,well we drank the whole night before and we had gone out in the morning. l remember my mum saying l am impressed with you.”You started 2019 on a different note,guess what it was at church”. I still can’t believe myself but yes l was there and they said the Promise still stands. Knowingly the promise God has for me in 2019 are still firm and still stand.l am here to make it in life,l am an era.

This year l have a lot of plans,we travelling the world, l am getting educated and l am going to relocate. the type of dreams l have for this chapter scare me and are very difficult not to achieve. l remember having a call with my dad one afternoon and he said what are you still waiting for .Since to whom much is given much is expected. I felt l just needed to plan my year ,my days ,my goals and explore what the Lord has entitled Me to do.What is it in Me that needs to be addressed and changed. I am here thinking of the best l want to be. Mudiwa’s Hair was launched. It my dream come true. I love my curly and very colorful weaves and guess all my friends support this. I want something big again to launch before the year ends.

Growing up l have always wanted to help the less privileged. I am going to adopt and send my kids to school. l am doing a campaign to visit orphanages and help the less fortunate. This was not only a dream ,but during the strike more women suffered and were raped, l need to stand with my sisters,l need to fight for my sisters . I need to write and be heard about my sisters. Most of my articles normally when i read them l have this anger burning in Me like WHY??? In a society like Zimbabwe there is no one failing to accept the wrongs done. Anyway this is for another day but well 2019 we going to fight for our rights.

So just to inspire someone as l always say be the best you want to be .

Achieve more Hun because you are the best that was there and that going to come.

Til then…

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