Violence against women

This one needs tears maybe when starting but when are we going to stop abuse against women? A woman ‘s worthy has been devoured, who shall stand for us. Well African patriarchal society is to a larger extent to be blamed. Why let the women suffer and not stand with us the women? Where is our world leading to? Who is going to stand for us and fight for us.

I wanted to grow up doing things l love like emancipating our society and loving the women. This is a seed which has been left unattended when the girls were growing up and the girl is abused and beaten up. Its too sad that most of these people are vulnerable. You stay in marriage but you are being abused. You try to love someone but they do not love you the same and yet most marriages the woman are staying and striving for the kids. It is society that damaged us ,why should a woman be regarded as better if she has a family or is married. The relationships are toxic,many suffer.

I remember one day ,Monday morning l met a woman with an eye almost black and she said she was beaten by the husband. I was touched like why should one keep herself in such a toxic relationship.But l am also a victim, in college l remember l dated a guy who beat me up. My cousins and friends as far much l remember made me realize l deserved the best and not suffer. My eyes were red and well l had class to attend,all l remember was l was crying.But why?? My sisters we need to wake up and stop fighting among-st ourselves but fight for our rights. Fight for respect and no to violence against women.


Gender stories have always been a thorny in the fleshy among most organisations who fight for women rights. i do not know how and why most of us suffer to things we didn’t choose and  know. Getting back to the strike which took place in Zimbabwe on the strike day in January 2019 .My women were beaten,my women were degraded,my women suffered gender inequality,my women were raped,hurt. But why was this done only to women. We should stand up as women and march to the street that we want to be treated fairly. In a society where you cant even dress the way you want something has to be done to help women have a voice.


The voice is needed for us to help and sustain us. I am a great fanatic and lover of Chimamanda Adichie she fights rights for women from all aspects. She portrays the women as powerful and well emerging. She sees fruitfulness in women,she believes ,once emancipated they can do anything. However this surely needs more bottles of wine for us to drink and fight. However we as society lets raise better women and lets support each other for a better future. Where is my security as a woman if my future is now unpredictable,how will l even anticipate to be a better believer if no one stands with me.


I recall well growing up when we would watch adverts on the TV satellite. Most adverts were urging the girls and women to speak out. But how can l speak out when my mouth is shut and who ll stand and fight for me in my days of want. I want a bright future but my relative is here abusing me. Lets protect our girls and lets fight for equality n our women. I stand with women,l stand for a better future and i fight for a better lifestyle.

Give us a better day ,and lets stop violence against our womenblack-woman-crying-………………



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